Revised version of the Future Classroom Toolkit is now published


The new version of the Future Classroom Toolkit is now available and ready to support teachers, school leaders, advisers, policy-makers, technology providers and consultants developing meaningful and innovative pedagogies by deploying new technologies.

The toolkit can be used to introduce or scale up innovative use of digital technologies in a school or across a number of schools within an education system. The rationale for this process is to bring about incremental but sustainable change in the education system.

The toolkit consists of five toolsets which guide the user through the steps for creating a Future Classroom Scenario with the aim of bringing innovation in the classroom.

     1. Identifying Stakeholders and Trends

     2. Future Classroom modelling

     3. Creating a Future Classroom Scenario

     4. Designing innovative Learning Activities

     5. Evaluating innovation in the classroom

The toolkit supports a whole-school approach to innovation by:

     • Creating an ambitious but realistically achievable educational vision

     • Involving all key stakeholders in developing a school's ICT strategy

     • Focusing on advanced pedagogical practices and change management

     • Designing engaging Learning Activities that bring innovation through the use of digital      technologies to support learner acquisition of 21st century skills

     • Evaluating the use of Learning Activities


Check the Toolkit here and start innovating in your classroom today!


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