FCL Workshop: Making learning accessible – SEN in my classroom


Our students come to the school with a range of experiences, needs and backgrounds. Being aware of the diversity of students and finding ways to leverage the benefits of this diversity in the classroom is a core challenge for educators nowadays. The Future Classroom Lab workshop "Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom" held on 29-30 September 2018 in Brussels, led the participants to develop their own ideas about inclusive learning.

The two trainers Donal O Reilly and Efi Saltidou shared ideas with the participants on how to make information accessible to all students and to design activities for pupils with special educational needs, and introduced innovative approaches and technologies to support learners. Practical strategies and tools that work with learners with SEN as well as ways to support the gifted and talented students were also explored. Inspired by the learning environment of the Future Classroom Lab, participants used their creativity to imagine and design their inclusive classrooms and they got introduced to the eTwinning project, trying to boost the collaboration and exchange of experience between different European countries.

Overall, the FCL workshop "Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom" , proved to be a very successful workshop that brought 20 people from 9 countries together in Brussels for a full weekend dedicated to supporting the needs of all the learners.

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