Transforming education through technology in the recently opened #MicrosoftEDULab


Microsoft opens its door to innovation by creating the #MicrosoftEDULab, the second innovative lab in Madrid after the creation of the Aula del Futuro of INTEF, in December 2017.

When people think of an innovative learning environment, they often think about a flexible space, and while it is true that the space has a key role in innovative education, there is much more to a flexible environment than just the physical floor plan.

Modern and flexible learning environments are supposed to address also other elements in a school environment, such the way students are grouped during the learning or the inversion of the role of both teachers and students. Besides, an effective integration of technology in the classroom is key for a sustainable and effective transformation.

This was the main message conveyed by Naír Carrera, Pedagogical Officer of European Schoolnet, when attending the official opening of the #MicrosoftEDULab in Madrid last 29th January.

The event was kicked off by Pilar López, Country General Manager at Microsoft, and gathered more than 120 people, including representatives from the Spanish Ministry of Education (INTEF) and from Regional authorities, as well as Universities, schools, publishers, and technology partners.

After the different presentations from representatives of CRUE Universidades and European Schoolnet, the attendees had the chance to visit the lab and get a deeper insight of how the classroom of the future looks like. Microsoft, in its effort to keep training university teachers for the reality to come, has extended the contract they had with CRUE (organization of 76 Spanish Universities), which helps to boost digital transformation in universities.

Different technology providers such as 3G Office, Lego Education ROBOTIX, Possible Lab, SMART Technologies, Steelcase and Voladd collaborated in the creation of this innovative space, that helps the audience to visualize how a traditional classroom can turn into a more innovative and flexible space by integrating flexible furniture and implementing technology in an effective way.

The #MicrosoftEDULab is open to teachers and schools who want to visit its premises in Madrid and get a deeper knowledge on how to work in a flexible environment, and to figure out how technologies can help transforming teaching and learning, when used effectively. If you are teacher and you are planning to visit it, you can send them an email by visiting this link.

The #MicrosoftEDULab, along with the Aula del Futuro of INTEF, has been inspired in the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, and it raises to 34 the number of learning labs officially registered in the Future Classroom Lab network, which continues to grow in Europe and beyond. More information about the #MicrosoftEDULab and its training opportunities offered to schools and teachers can be found here.




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