How FCL Partners are supporting school community during the school closures


To support educators in the best possible way in these exceptional times of distance learning and school closures, several of the FCL partners have made their resources available free of charge.

Note: EUN does not endorse or has approved specific products, services or levels of competence. EUN adheres to its code of practice regarding its collaboration with industry partners.

Microsoft Education: To adapt school systems to distance learning and enable teachers to stay connected with their students and continue their teaching, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and other app experiences like Flipgrid can enable online connections and key learning outcomes. Microsoft designed a three-phase approach for school leaders and IT Admins to help schools shift to this secure and inclusive online environment that protects the data of the entire school community. More information can be found here.

PASCO: to support science teachers PASCO is offering these Home Science Tools free of charge for the rest of this school year:

- 6 month free access to Capstone and SPARKvue software

- Free access to Essential Physics and Essential Chemistry curriculum

- Distance Learning Labs and teacher resources in the PASCO Experiment Library

More information can be found here.

Matific: to support primary education math teachers, Matific now allows teachers from any country to register for a 60-days free period on their website Matific is translated into all the languages of the EU. 

LEGO Education: to help teachers prepare their lessons, LEGO Education has a repository of lessons that are free and can be downloaded. LEGO Education also has a YouTube channel with different suggestions as well as many practical examples.

Makeblock: To help educators to teach coding online, Makeblock is launching an educator development program for distance learning as part of their #steamonboard program, offering free online learning platform #mBlock and teaching materials. The curriculum is designed to complement CSTA and ISTE education standards, with no experience required, involving #Scratch coding, AI/IoT, Python and more. If educators and students own devices like Arduino, Tello or Makeblock, mBlock is a platform where to practice hardware and software programming. Visit for more information.

Texas Instruments Education Technology: To empower teachers and students to succeed in mathematics and science, even at distance, TI Education Technology offers programmes at no cost. The company offers free download of 6-month subscription licenses of software for teachers and students. Texas Instruments temporarily (until end of April) also offers free download made the TI-Nspire™ App for iPad® and TI-Nspire™ CAS App for iPad® from Apple app store. Further information and download: The company also provides free teaching and learning materials on and For country specific information e.g. on complimentary webinars select your country here:

Google: In response to the outbreak and the need to enable distance learning at speed and scale, Google has created a Teach From Home Hub, a temporary hub of information and tools to help teachers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.This is increasingly available in European languages (more languages are coming in at the 'Language' tab). School administrations could also consider G Suite for Education, which has seen exponential usage in the past few weeks as more and more schools close around the world. G Suite for Education is free for schools to use, and GDPR compliant.

Ultimaker: Ultimaker is reaching out to any users of its machines who are willing to volunteer their printers to provide 3D print capacity to help hospitals. This will allow the hospitals to reach out to the volunteers nearest to them for help. Volunteers can sign up here: Please note: this service is intended only to relieve immediate medical supply shortages under these very exceptional circumstances. 3D printed parts should be replaced by original parts as soon as possible.

Acer for Education: Supporting teachers to correctly implement remote learning in time of crisis, Acer for Education has created a focus on their blog where the most relevant free tools, training, and information can be found, explored and compared. More information:

Cisco: Schools are facing unprecedented needs to close their physical classrooms, due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 outbreak. Cisco is bringing its collective resources, technologies and experience to assist teachers and schools to better address those needs and challenges, and is offering their solutions at no cost to anable them transition to remote teaching. More information can be found here and here

SMART: For teachers and students currently or potentially affected by the coronavirus outbreak, SMART is offering resources and training material at no cost to provide support for the rest of the school year. SMART Learning Suite Online is available until the end of the school year at no charge. It integrates with your existing Google and Microsoft applications and makes it easy to deliver lessons remotely, distribute learning materials and create interactive lesson content. Smart has also launched a new library of distance learning resources for specific age groups, with video tutorials, best practices and more covering both self-paced and teacher-led learning. It also provides full access to the SMART Exchange for ready-made lesson content, resources and more to hit the ground running.

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