A new mini MOOC is starting: coding and computational thinking have never been more interesting!


Teachers and families play a fundamental role in giving all children the opportunity to become active creators of technology, and develop key skills such as creativity, critical thinking or problem solving. Introducing coding and computational thinking in the classroom but also in a family will help children to develop this and many other competences and open a world of possibilities for children now, but also for their futures.

The EU Code Week initiative is here to support teachers and families in this endeavour by providing free online courses such as the upcoming rerun of the Code Week Icebreaker MOOC. By taking this course, participants will:

- Discover the relevance and benefits of coding for students in the classroom, but also at home, and the variety of skills that can be developed while learning how to code, in only five hours!

- Become familiar with the EU Code Week initiative and the opportunities it offers, such as organising a coding activity at home or at school.

- Discover free materials and resources available in 29 languages, such as ready to use lesson plans.

- Become a part of an inspiring and global community of like-minded teachers and parents to share fun ideas, resources, and best practices.

This course is open to families and teachers from all different subjects and no prior experience of coding or computational thinking.


Join us now to be part of one of the greatest initiatives in Europe, that in 2019 engaged 4.2 million people in more than 80 countries. Register here: https://bit.ly/ICEBREAKER2020

If you have any questions, you can contact the course coordinator Naír Carrera, here.

@CodeWeekEU #EUCodeWeekMOOC


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