The FCL website has a new look!


We are very excited to announce that the Future Classroom Lab's refreshed website is live! Discover it yourself!

The website provides you with information on activities linked with innovative teaching and flexible learning environments, such as the network of learning labs, webinars, related projects, Future Classroom Toolkit and many more!  

Here are a couple highlights from the FCL website you would like to suggest to you

Guidelines for creating innovative learning environments. EUN has created two publications that can help schools and other organisation as well as policymakers to rethink their learning spaces and that suggest concrete ideas on how to go about it. 

Network of learning labs is growing! What makes a learning lab and how to join the network? Discover it here while seeing inspiring examples from learning labs and spaces across Europe and beyond.

-  Join the FCL webinars to connect with peers and experts on current topics! The recordings of previous webinars are available online – you can re-watch for example the series of "Teaching in time of corona".

-  FCL has about 30 industry partners. Read here how some of the partners are supporting the school community during the school closure.

FCL-ITE group for teacher educators. The group continues in the footprints of the ITELab project to engage with the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) community and teacher educators in general. 

-  New project on active learning. Novigado is a new Erasmus+ -funded project that will offer activities and resources related to active learning and innovative learning environments. Read more here.

How to take part?

Whether you are a teacher, teacher educator, company representative or a policy or decision-maker, read more here about how to participate in the Future Classroom Lab.

You can see the current FCL company partners here. 

If you have an innovative learning lab or a learning space, you may want to join the network? Contact us for further information at  

Stay tuned!

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