Few days left to join the EU Code Week Icebreaker course


The EU Code Week Icebreaker course 2020 is a five-hour course that aims to make EU Code Week more appealing and meaningful for teachers, schools and parents, and raise awareness about the importance of integrating coding and computational thinking not only at schools but also at home.

Teachers, parents, families, educators, and anyone interested in inspiring curiosity and an innovative spirit in young people, while empowering them to become digital creators, are encouraged to enrol in this course before 15 June, that already counts more than 3000 teachers in +80 countries.

This short introductory will allow participants

- to discover the benefits and relevance of coding in our everyday lives

- as well as inspire ideas,

- provide free resources available in 29 languages throughout which you can organize fun and educational activities with your students or children, anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home and with no computers or internet connection.

No previous experience or knowledge in coding is needed to participate in this course, just a curious mind and adventurous spirit. Register now in the course by following this link and get your certificate validated by European Schoolnet and the University of Urbino before 15 June!

If you have any questions or doubts about these, you can contact the courses coordinator Naír Carrera here.


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