Bringing innovation to the classroom and at home with the EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC


Don´t miss your chance to participate in the EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC, and learn how to bring fun and innovation to your classroom, but also at home!

Are you a parent looking for fun activities to do with your children, or a teacher trying to find innovative materials to engage your students? Then this course is for you!

The EU Code Week Deep Dive MOOC will help you discover fun and innovative ideas an examples of activities parents and teachers can do in the classroom with children, but also at home! This course will provide you with free materials and resources available in 29 languages that will make your students and children have fun while learning! Besides, you can also use these materials to participate in the initiative EU Code Week, that in 2019 engaged 4.2 million people in Europe and beyond.

After completion, you will be rewarded with a course badge and a course certificate validated by European Schoolnet and the University of Urbino. Participants who report an activity will also get certified by the European Commission for their participation to Code Week. No previous experience or knowledge on coding is needed, so this is an opportunity you can´t miss! The course starts on 16 September, but you can already register via this link.

Learning objectives:

- Understanding the importance of integrating coding and computational thinking into the classroom

- Becoming familiar with innovative tools and approaches such as visual programming tools, unplugged activities, robotics, tinkering, making, coding for inclusion and coding for all subjects

- Gaining some basic knowledge of the CS fundamentals curriculum

- Discovering free training materials and innovative resources

- Becoming familiar with the EU Code Week initiative and learning how to register an activity and report back

- Discovering the Code Week 4 All challenge

- Becoming part of a community of enthusiastic teachers that can interact, share best practices, and participate in the 2020 EU Code Week initiative together.

Register here:

If you have any question or doubt about the Deep Dive MOOC, you can contact the course coordinator Naír Carrera. Join us now to be part of one of the most inspiring communities in Europe and help us spread the word with the hashtag #EUCodeWeekMOOC.


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