Relaunch of the Network of Innovative Learning Labs and Spaces


The Future Classroom Lab has inspired a number of teachers, schools and organisations to create their own "learning labs" or to enhance their learning spaces.

We are re-launching the upgraded Network of Innovative Learning Labs and Spaces, which is growing constantly while new initiatives are being set up across Europe and beyond.

Welcoming new network members

The open network, led by European Schoolnet, is a place where the labs can discuss different issues like learning lab management, cooperation with commercial partners and industry, teacher training activities, etc. This summer we have welcomed many future classrooms from Portugal, Moldova, France and Ireland. The projects are spaces designed, conceived and built to cultivate the 21st century skills and competences and to allow teachers to experiment with different working methods.

Learn more through these resources

If you are curious about creating a learning lab yourself, here are some tips on how to get started:

- Get inspired by the examples from existing labs

- Discover the webinar series, where existing learning labs shared their experiences and told the story of how they built the lab

- Read the practical guidelines published by EUN. The guidelines provide step-by-step guidance on how to create their own learning labs or to adapt their learning spaces in other ways, and six case studies from Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

If you are interest to join, please write us at


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