Re-engineering the Uptake of ICT in Schools – Major publication on the results of the iTEC project


The results of the 12.5 million Euro iTEC project, which piloted educational tools and resources in over 2500 classrooms across 20 European countries, are now available in a new book published by Springer International Publishing.

The book outlines how teachers, head teachers, and policymakers can develop and implement innovative teaching and learning scenarios and activities involving ICT adapted to a local context, and how a wide range of technologies can support this process for teachers and their national/regional communities. In addition, it shows how iTEC has developed a change management process and Future Classroom Toolkit that is being mainstreamed and scaled up through MOOCs, ambassador schemes, and train-the-trainer programmes. It also addresses the role of ‘future classroom labs' in inspiring teachers, head teachers, and policymakers, and how the iTEC approach can engage both teachers and learners in schools across Europe.

The book and its chapters are available free-of-charge in digital format (PDF and ePub). The book is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License. A hard copy can be purchased from the publisher.

For further information read the full press release here


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