Novigado webinars on innovative learning spaces and digital learning journals.


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Learning journals: developing reflecting skills for active learners

Active Learning is reflective learning indeed. Active students need to reflect on their actions in order to adapt their learning strategy and direct their next learning opportunity. Students prove to show great reflective skills as we let them know it's important and we give them time for it.

During lockdown in their school, one big question according to Xavier Garnier, teacher at LP2I (FR), was "how to fairly assess students when they're home?". They discovered that digital learning journals turned out to be a both innovative and practical answer, as they can help students think back on what they did, what they learnt doing it and the meaning of learning it. Learning journals are still used today as the school turns back to face-to-face teaching.

In this webinar, Xavier Garnier, will present the LP2i school's case study on learning diaries and invites the participants to reflect their practice: do you already use a learning journal or a similar method with your students? For what purposes?

Speaker bio

Xavier Garnier is a Mathematics and Maths-in-English Teacher at the Lycée Pilote Innovant International (LP2I) in France. From 2015 to 2020 he was the Lead Ambassador in France as part of the European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Ambassador network, wherein his role consisted of leading a team of 22 FCL teachers, who regularly worked together to support FCL initiatives like workshops on Future Classroom Scenarios or creating new learning labs. Follow him on Twitter: @XG_lp2i



Good practices in Flexible Learning Spaces in Portugal: what has been done in spaces in pandemic times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and teachers to rethink the use of learning spaces. Innovative educators from three Portuguese schools will reflect this matter and will share good practices in this upcoming webinar.

Speaker panel: José Miguel Sousa from Centro de Formação EduFor (Mangualde), Marisa Correia from Escola Superior de Educação, IPS (Santarém), and Nuno Mantas from Agrupamento de Escolas da Boa Água (Sesimbra).



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The overall objective of the Novigado project is to support schools and related stakeholders in the transition from a conventional and teacher-centred classroom into teaching practices that promote active learning with the support of innovative learning environments and the use of relevant ICT. Read more here.

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