Methodological Framework for Innovative Classroom Trainings


The purpose of the Design-FILS project is to contribute to the professional development of teachers in the fields of technology, innovative pedagogy, interdisciplinary learning scenarios in flexible learning environments at EU level.

The project's first output coordinated by European Schoolnet, "Methodological Framework for Innovative Classroom Trainings" is available. The document aims to provide a theoretical and methodological ground for the Future Innovative Learning Space Design Project.

Current teaching practices show that many teachers want to shift to a different paradigm

- with less pedagogical sameness,

- facilitating personalized, student-centered and active learning,

- while aiming at building future skills.

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team (teachers, teacher educators, architects), the publication draws on recent literature in the area exploring how to develop and adapt learning spaces in order to enable innovative technology-enhanced pedagogies.

The theoretical and methodological framework is based on three key pillars to build a learning environment for the 21st century:

  1. Space Design
  2. Pedagogy
  3. Technology

In this study, the different parameters are explored to bring active learning into practice. The physical design of the space as well as the use of educational technology are critical components that support active learning pedagogy.

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This publication is part of Designing Future Innovative Learning Spaces project (Design FILS) funded by European Union's Erasmus+ KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices under grant agreement number 2019-1-TR01-KA201-076567. It is the result of a collaborative effort from Ministry of National Education for Turkey, European Schoolnet, Universidade de Lisboa, FLL Wien, Hacettepe University, Centro Autonómico de Formación e Innovación and Zakladni skola Dr. Edvarda Benese.


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