Go for active Learning - webinar on the new Scenario Tool


Join us on Tuesday 25 May, 17h CEST to know more.

For teachers, by teachers. The Novigado scenario tool helps you to engage your students as active and committed learners. Add activities, specify methods and tools, and share the result with colleagues. The best way to let students take their learning into their own hands! 

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Part of the Novigado project of the Future Classroom Lab and funded with support from the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme, this scenario tool is made by teachers and pedagogical experts.

The learning zones of the FCL are core to the tool, helping you create a meaningful lesson plan. Throughout the development of your lesson plan or learning scenario, the tool helps you to provide your best pedagogical work with expert-made activities and insightful statistics.

How the scenario tool helps you prepare your classes

  • Ready-made activities and scenarios
  • Practical PDF exports
  • Handy dashboard with lists
  • Easy sharing of scenarios

The pedagogical elements in scenarios

The Novigado Scenario Tool guides you in building learning scenarios and practical lesson plans that support active learning pedagogy. The tool offers ready-made activities to build your lesson plan, as well as some adjustable examples of full scenarios. The tool gives you the freedom to adapt the offered suggestions, as well as to start from scratch.

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The scenario tool is created for the Novigado project. The project promotes active learning and innovative teaching in flexible learning spaces since autumn 2019. Through different activities, the project helps schools and other stakeholders transition conventional and teacher-centred classrooms into more modern teaching practices. With the ultimate goal to promote active learning, using innovative learning environments and relevant ICT. Read more about Novigado here.


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