School case studies on Learning Space Innovations now available


The Novigado project has recently published "Guidelines in Learning Space Innovations" which are now completed by 13 case studies from schools in Poland, France, Turkey and Portugal to describe how they have implemented flexible and innovative learning environments.

Flexible learning spaces are important for students' active learning and can also be a driver for innovation in pedagogy at school. In the framework of the Novigado project, whose aim is to help with the transition from a conventional teacher-centered classroom into teaching practices promoting active learning together with the use of ICT, the Guidelines in Learning Space Innovations were presented.

The Guidelines are accompanied by 13 case studies from schools in Poland, France, Turkey and Portugal that have implemented flexible and innovative learning environments. The case studies describe the background situation of each school and needs for change, followed by the implementation of ideas, evaluation of benefits and challenges for the future.

"It is worth taking advantage of what you have around you – especially looking for change leaders and allies among parents. That way the transformation will be permanent and profound." (Adam Perzynski, School Principal Szkoła Podstawowa 27 Primary School)

Some case studies explain concretely how the school carried out the transformation, from changing the physical aspect of the classrooms – like painting the walls with a different color, introducing different furniture – to implementing ideas coming both from teachers and students to benefit the maximum of the new learning environments, supported by the use of ICT.








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