The Chromebook Research and Professional Development Programme results are published


The evaluation of this small-scale pilot focused on capturing and analysing change in practices and perceptions as a result of the use of Chromebooks in the six schools involved. The pilot was run by European Schoolnet for Acer and Google for Education.

The professional development programme ran in 2015 and involved six schools: two schools from the Netherlands, three from the United Kingdom and one from Spain. The aim of the evaluation was to explore the impact of Acer Chromebooks and the associated Google tools, such as the management console, on both pedagogical and administrative processes in the classroom and school. At the heart of the project was supporting teachers' professional development to enable them to use the technology in a pedagogically effective manner.

Two face-to-face workshops were designed to help the teachers design scenarios supported by the Chromebooks and educational Google apps. The teachers then tested out different scenarios and activities and developed resources that helped other teachers put the Chromebooks to pedagogically effective use.

The Chromebook pilot was developed in the framework of Future Classroom Validation Service and is based on European Schoolnet's extensive experience in running small and large-scale school pilots and research and it gives support to ICT companies, start-ups, and research projects interested in carrying out school pilots.

The report identifies a number of key recommendations to schools considering adopting the approach. Visit the programme page for more information and download the full report


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