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Vietnam family travel - Guides and Tips

Vietnam family travel: “Complete” Guides and Tips
To get the TUN Travel has fun experiences, you should refer to the following suggestions when preparing plans to travel to Vietnam with family. Before visiting any place in Vietnam. Whether you’re a stranger or guests traveling on this S-shaped country. Vietnam does not have many prominent places such as the Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House or the Grand Canyons. However, this really is a “hidden” jewel that only those who can come to sense. Vietnam has many places are honored by UNESCO about the beauty and vitality of this country such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha – Ke Bang Caves, Hoi An ancient town, Cu Lao Cham…

Traveling by bike
For families seeking adventure, go cycling on Hai Van Pass, an old highway winding through the mountains between Danang and Lang Co. There you get a panoramic view of the spectacular sea and the countryside.

Traveling by motorcycle to Tam Dao
Tam Dao has majestic mountain scenery, covers a large area of Northern Delta. It has a cool climate; the average temperature is 18°C – 25°C. In the Summer from May to September temperatures in the lowland provinces are sweltering, usually from about 27°C – 38°C, but the Tam Dao is an ideal place for the apparent rotation of the 4 seasons in one day. Spring breeze in the morning, warm summer in the afternoon, the coolness of autumn, cold of winter in the evenings. With such advantages, Tam Dao is the best family vacations in Vietnam if you want an intrepid travel Vietnam family?

Discover Hue, Hoi An, My Son
If your family travel in Vietnam, you can’t ignore these places. For cultural enthusiasts, exploring the cultural wonders of Central Vietnam – Hue, Hoi An ancient town charm and My Son Sanctuary are wonderful things.

Boat trip on the Perfume River
Many families travel to Vietnam to do this. Boating along the Perfume River that winding around the Hue city. Visit Thien Mu Pagoda and discover the daily activities of the monks, chanting to listen to your soul and alleviate anxiety.

Learning to do crafts
When you travel with family, especially with kids, learn how to do Vietnam traditional handicrafts like paper lotus flowers or lanterns. Giving your kids awesome experiences.

Visiting one fishing village
Try to play the character of a fisherman to fish and give to your family the best fresh seafood for dinner. Vietnamese people are very friendly. They are willing to help you when you have difficulties. Make your Vietnam family vacations meaning for the household.

Expedition by terrain vehicles
Organizations a race of the family on the all-terrain vehicle, which runs through the lush tropical trees and rough roads. This will be a memorable memory one for you and your family.

Family Travel tips
Choose a great holiday in Vietnam including visa to Vietnam, this probably will not be complete if you ignore the experiences that we share below. Whether you’re a stranger or guests traveling on this S-shaped country. You will not avoid one of the following situations:

Some suggestions to you the important note when traveling to Vietnam. Save on your phone the emergency telephone number to call in case of need. What you need is the phone number: Hotline reflects on the state of local tourism, local police, where your hotel room… against theft or harassment.
The phone number to call in an emergency situation in Vietnam

  • 113: Police respond quickly
  • 114: The number of emergency firefighting or rescue when needed
  • 115: Medical Emergency
  • 1800 1567: Detecting an occurrence of violence against children, women, family violence.

Buy a sim – Vietnam phone cards
Once at the airport, you should buy a Vietnam sim phone for easy contact with necessary people. Sim and phone cards are sold in many shops in Vietnam. You should buy yourself a phone sim soon as you arrive in Vietnam to contact with necessary people.

Check denomination of currency carefully
Exchange rate $ 1 = 23.000vnd. You remember the exact numbers to use the money correctly. On the other hand, Vietnam’s currency denomination is quite diverse, some denominations of currency are so similar that it has very high likelihood of confusion.

Bring atlas or use a smartphone
Administrative atlas Vietnam with full details on the length, gasoline pump station is an indispensable item in Vietnam tourism inventory. If more carefully, when you go, you should check the point has passed, use a pen to paint on the map available route and check the milestone that you have just passed in order to ensure right path.

Prepare for the weather
Vietnam enjoys a tropical climate, the summer weather is very hot, you should prepare the appropriate attire such as T-shirts, dresses, glasses… The winter in Vietnam north is very cold, you should prepare thick jacket. In Vietnam, you often have to endure hot weather, so prepare appropriate attire for the weather. If you travel in Ho Chi Minh City should always carry an umbrella because the weather here rainy and sunny are quite erratic.

Keeping belongings carefully to restrict pickpockets, robbery
Risk of pickpockets or bag snatching is something that travelers might encounter in anywhere. Therefore, visitors should not leave all important items and values such as phone, wallet, passport, Vietnam visa… in a backpack, handbag or pocket because crooks can abuse loopholes to pickpockets or slit pockets taking away this value items.

Careful with unlicensed taxi
“Unlicensed taxi” is a type of taxi that don’t have unregistered business with the authorities. You will easily meet the taxis at the airport, the bus station. The taxi driver charges a lot more expensive than normal, or driving long detour to get more money. You should ask the hotel receptionist to call a taxi to help you take the right taxi. To limit taking wrong taxi, you should ask the hotel receptionist to book a taxi of reputable firms, to ensure your travel family tours Vietnam is safe.

Carefully to be “forced” purchase at a high price
Many foreign visitors travel to Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City to become “prey” for the group of people acting unsettled, forced to buy from them with excessively high prices. If you do not want to become victims of forced expensive purchasing, you should decline the solicitation of street vendors. Therefore, to avoid losing money and frustration inside, you should stay away cleverly invitations from the hawkers on the road.

You should keep your private property
Ideally, you should leave important items in one bag with zipper and wear it just in front of the chest so that it is always in your sight. When you go to crowded places, you need to keep personal belongings carefully. You should not answer the phone on the street because crooks can snatch your mobile phone. When taking pictures – especially using camera phones or mini to take photos – you also need to be careful.

Be careful when crossing the street
Vietnam street, especially in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which is always crowded vehicles. If not careful, you will most likely get in an accident while crossing the road. A lot of foreign tourists did not dare to cross the street when they see too many vehicles on the road, especially motorcycles. Basic tips to cross the street is very calm to move forward, certain not hesitated, panicked. You absolutely can ask the youth volunteers to help you cross the street. If you really do not dare to cross the street alone, you can ask someone local people to take you through the road or traveling with others to form one small group – so it is easier and more secure for you.

Carefully when eating dog meat, cat meat
In some places of Vietnam, dogs and cats are used as food. Guests can easily eat dog meat, cat meat without notice. Tourists are easy to eat dog meat, cat meat so you should be careful to ask the bartender about food ingredients if you suspect it was dog meat, cat meat.

In Vietnamese, dog meat is spelled “thịt chó”, or “cầy tơ””, cat meat is spelled “thịt mèo” or “tiểu hổ”. Ideally, you remember these words to be able to identify them on the signs promptly. Vietnam Culinary is rich variety, therefore, to ensure the health, you should you ask sellers dish carefully.

Note: These problems, like pickpockets, robbery, tourists… price pressure – which can occur anywhere in the world. Hopefully this article will not cause an adverse effect on the image of Vietnam in your heart.


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