Webinar: Active Learning in the Classroom of the Future


When: Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at 17:00 CEST

Where: Online

On 25th October 2023 at 17:00 CET, the Future Classroom Lab and its partner i3-Technologies are hosting a webinar on active learning, an approach to education that engages students in the learning process and encourages them to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively. It rests on the idea that flipping traditional teacher-led classrooms and allowing students to become more active participants in the learning process can improve students' motivation, retention, and performance, as well as foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter. But how can teachers implement active learning in their classrooms? And what role can educational technology play in enhancing active learning?


• Jeroen De Keyser, Head of Education at i3-Technologies, a leading provider of interactive solutions for education and business. Jeroen will introduce the topic and share his insights on active learning in various settings and scenarios.

• Ben Ruddin, Head of Key Stage 4 (GCSE) at the British College of Gavà in Spain, a school that has adopted active learning as its core philosophy. Ben will talk about the benefits and challenges of active learning in practice, and how the school has integrated i3-Technologies into its curriculum and pedagogy.

• Mary Grabosky, a teacher at Donahue Academy in the USA, a private Catholic school that strives to provide a holistic education for its students. Mary will share her experience of active learning in her classroom, and how it has enhanced her students' engagement, collaboration, and creativity.

• Jordy Van Boven, an elementary teacher at Sportomundo in Belgium, a school that has active learning in its DNA. Jordy brings his story of classroom teaching and how i3-Technologies’ products support him in achieving his goals for the students.

Join us for an exciting webinar on Active Learning, where we will explore these questions and more with experts from different backgrounds and contexts.