Webinar: From remote to hybrid and blended learning

When: Tuesday, 3 May 2022 at 17:00 CEST
Where: Online, registration is open

  • Anneke Verbeeck, Education Consultant, i3-Technologies;
  • Vânia Neto, Education Skills Lead & Learning & Skills Specialist, Microsoft;
  • José Luis Fernández Díaz de Lope Díaz, FCL Ambassador, Spain;
  • Karina Batat, FCL Ambassador, Israel.

One lesson learnt from the COVID19 outbreak is that face to face social interactions are critical for students. However, this does not contradict the idea that schools can organise blended learning or hybrid activities where students work independently in class and outside of it. To achieve this, all students should be able to benefit from such opportunities and teachers have to be offered appropriate training and resources to feel confident and ready to provide and support new teaching and learning practices. Some key questions are therefore raised and need to be tackled: 

  • How can teachers get equipped with knowledge on how to use blended and hybrid learning techniques in their teaching practice? 
  • What is the role of the private sector in continuing to support teachers innovative teaching practices in the post-COVID19 period?
  • What are the main concerns about blended and hybrid teaching and how can teachers overcome them? 

During the discussion with educational experts and educational technology providers these questions will be addressed. Participants will have the chance to learn more about the impact that blended and hybrid learning can have on student’s achievement and motivation and ask questions to the panelists. Register today!