Webinar: Game-based Learning & Pedagogy


When: Thursday, 15 December 2022 at 16:00 CEST
Where: Online, watch the recording here.

  • Denisa Ščerbáková, Primary School Teacher, Slovakia
  • Viola Pinzi, Project Manager, European Schoolnet
  • Liesbeth Last, Secondary School Teacher, Belgium

In this webinar, we have invited education experts and teachers to share their knowledge, experiences, and observations on the use of games in the learning process.

Game-based learning involves the design and implementation of classroom activities which have game principles and characteristics embedded in them. Such pedagogies use games as a way to develop specific skills and encourage active learning.

Classroom games have their unique added value. They support the establishment of an environment within which pupils can engage with educational materials in a playful and dynamic way. Putting students at the centre of the learning quest fosters their personal desire to improve and their ability to create their own reality. As the game proceeds, the student-player probes and rethinks thus engaging, disengaging, and reengaging with the study material over and over in different contexts, ultimately starting to own their learning journey. Games offer the unique opportunity to put in practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to a mock real-life situation thereby offering students a safe space to experiment, learn and develop.

As games are often played in teams, this innovative pedagogical approach promotes the development of social skills such as effective communication, friendly competition, collaboration, appreciation for different perspectives, and critical evaluation of alternative points of view.

Finally, games can also be used for assessment as they give teachers the opportunity to see how their students apply the lessons in practice to solve existing tasks and reach desired outcomes.

Join us on December 15th at 16:00 CET to learn more about implementing game-based pedagogies in the classroom. The webinar is organised within the context of the FCL’s 10th anniversary and aims to support educators in introducing innovative methods of teaching and learning in schools.


Resources mentioned during the event:

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Publication: Games in Schools 2019 

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