FCL Webinars 2021

A series of live online events to share innovative practices, ideas and initiatives on school education.

How to teach efficiently in times of crisis and beyond? Let's hear from the schools!

In collaboration with Cloudwise

10 March 2021

Good practices in Flexible Learning Spaces in Portugal: what has been done in spaces in pandemic times?


31 March 2021

Learning journals: developing reflecting skills for active learners


6 April 2021

Advisory Members Introductory Webinar


19 May 2021

Learning Scenario Tool


25 May 2021

The Digital Future of Supporting Teachers' Career-long Learning

In collaboration with IRIS Connect and Novigado

22 June 2021

Guidelines in Learning Space Innovations


13 October 2021

Rethinking sound in the classroom

Ecophon and Novigado

4 November 2021



Rethinking sound in the classroom (4 November 2021)

This webinar tackled the issue of the power of sound in the modern classroom, and its great effect over teachers' and learners' health, wellbeing, and behavior. How can a classroom sound environment that mimics nature reduce vocal strain and stress for teachers? And how can it help making classrooms more accessible to learners from a diverse spectrum of abilities and backgrounds? Ecophon shared practical examples and experiences of where these principles have been successfully applied.


Guidelines in Learning Space Innovations (13 October 2021)

Learning spaces can play a crucial role in stimulating not only active learning of students, but also innovative forms of pedagogy in the classroom or school spaces. This webinar focused on the presentation of the recent Novigado publication on learning space innovations and active learning. Which are the reasons that justify this shift – in methods, spaces, and priorities? Practical insights related to creating future-ready school environments were also outlined. 


How to teach efficiently in times of crisis and beyond? Let's hear from the schools! (10 March 2021)

During the webinar, our experts talked about digital tools and the challenges that come with them. How to employ different resources in teaching practice while minding students' safety? How to deal with different log-in details and platforms? In essence, how to bring innovation to our classroom in a meaningful and pedagogy-centred manner? Let's talk about COOL!

A webinar organised in collaboration with Cloudwise

Speaker panel:

  • Leon de Kanter, COOL Expert at Cloudwise
  • Sigrid Hoogstad, Director at OBS de pijlstaart (Netherlands)
  • Miren Arrate, Teacher at Elgoibar Ikastola (Spain)
  • Justin Walker, Teacher ICT&Art at Acornhouse School (Italy)

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Good practices in Flexible Learning Spaces in Portugal: what has been done in spaces in pandemic times? (31 March 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and teachers to rethink the use of learning spaces. Innovative educators from three Portuguese schools reflect on this matter and share good practices in this webinar.

Speaker panel: 

  • José Miguel Sousa, Centro de Formação EduFor (Mangualde) - presentation
  • Marisa Correia, Escola Superior de Educação, IPS (Santarém) - presentation
  • Nuno Mantas, Agrupamento de Escolas da Boa Água (Sesimbra) - presentation

Moderators: Patrícia Baeta, Cidália Marques & Marcin Zaród


Learning journals: developing reflecting skills for active learners (06 April 2021)

During lockdown in their school, one big question according to Xavier Garnier was "how to fairly assess students when they're home?". Digital learning journals turned out to be both innovative and practical answer, as they can help students think back on what they did, what they learnt doing it and the meaning of learning it. Learning journals are still used today as the school turns back to face-to-face teaching. 

>>Download the template and begin the journey with your learning journal.

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Speaker panel: 

Xavier Garnier is a Mathematics and Maths-in-English Teacher at the Lycée Pilote Innovant International (LP2I) in France. From 2015 to 2020 he was the Lead Ambassador in France as part of the European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Ambassador network.



Advisory Members Introductory Webinar (19 May 2021)

The Mentoring for School Improvement (MenSI) project, funded by the EC's H2020 programme, aims to carry out a pan-European investigation into how different approaches to school-to-school mentoring can support the mainstreaming of innovative digital teaching practices in primary and secondary schools.

This webinar provides an introduction to the project and its advisory board membership.


Learning Scenario Tool by Novigado (25 May 2021)

Future Classroom Lab and Novigado are happy to introduce you to the new Learning Scenario Tool. Build your own scenario from scratch or explore ready-made activities and adjustable examples that will help you create your scenarios for active learning in your classroom. Want to know more? The tool is already available.

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The Digital Future of Supporting Teachers' Career-long Learning (22 June 2021)

Future Classroom Lab and IRIS Connect organised a new webinar with a focus on the impact of digital platforms in teacher education. IRIS Connect exists to bridge the gap between effective professional learning and the reality of classrooms. They do this by using accessible and secure video collaboration technology and frameworks to empower and motivate teachers to continually develop their skills and achieve a high level of progress and sustained behavioural change in their classrooms.

The speakers show you how IRIS Connect has been implemented across their teacher education programmes, how it has been received by the teachers and its significant impact on their teaching techniques. 

Speakers panel

  • Anni Küüsvek, Teacher Education Specialist at the Centre for Teacher Education and Higher Education, University of Tartu (Estonia) - presentation
  • Vesna Belogaska, Director at IRIS Connect (UK/Ireland) - presentation